Apply Online Anti-Ragging Form

Hi guys,
You know that when u r in first semester then you ragged by your senior. I thought that Ragging is limited to only introduction. But it would not possible for me that i stop all over this.
For your benefit Government has started a plan throughout you can complain that person who ragged you if over. But it is import to all the student in Engineering, Business Management, or any student who want to help from this national committee then fill up the anti-ragging form.

Procedure :
     1.Open the following website
    2. Click on below image from
Click on below image from

3.        Fill the online form and click on 'Submit' button.
4.       After filling form a small survey will appears, give the answers..
5.       Click on submit

Fields marker with * are compulsory.

If you do not have an E mail address please create one before you fill in this form.
If your mother or father or guardian does not have a phone or a mobile phone or email then please give the numbers /email of their friends or relations or neighbors.

If you do not have a mobile number, then please give the mobile number of your friend in the college.
After filling this form successfully you will receive the Student's Anti Ragging Affidavit and the Parents Anti Ragging Affidavit in your Email. Please print both the Affidavits, sign them yourself, request your parents to read the details and request them to sign their affidavit and then present both at your college at the time of registration, each year.

*Call Anti-Ragging Help Line Number -1800-180-5522
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